Best Seo Tools For Website Analysis Tutorials

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Best Seo Tools For Website Analysis Tutorials

الأربعاء، 30 مارس 2016
Best Seo Tools For Website Analysis Tutorials
" Best Seo Tools For Website Analysis Tutorials Business Online Marketing SEO tutorials Analyzing Your Web Site to Improve SEO "
Seo Tools
Seo Tools

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Business Online Marketing SEO Tutorials

Best Seo Tools For Website Analysis Tutorials

There are a few tools we're going to use during this course, so I want to
quickly explain what they are and how to find them.


First, now and then I'll be using a great little utility called Firebug, a Firefox add-on.
If you'd like to use this tool, go into the Firefox add-ons, search for Firebug,
and install it. It only takes a few moments.
Let's close the add-ons and go back to the search results.
Firebug lets you look at the HTML code underlying a web page, so you can see
exactly how specific components were created.
You can even edit the page.
You're not changing the original page of course, just modifying that was loaded
into your browser, so you can see what a change would look like.
TO Install Firebug

Firebug for Firefoxe

Firebug for chrome 

Google AdWords Keywords tool

We'll also be using the Google AdWords Keywords tool for analyzing keywords.
I could give you the URL to find it, but it's actually quicker to search Google
itself for the term 'Google AdWords Keywords tool' or even just 'Google Keywords
tool.' And in any case, URLs such as these have a tendency to change.
And then click on the link.

site map creator

the site maps, we'll be looking at a free site-map creator
Make sure you use the dash or you will end up in completely the wrong place.
When we talk about links pointing to a site, we'll talk about a couple of useful
link-analysis services:
first, Yahoo! Site Explorer Service, and a very sophisticated link analysis tool
called Majestic SEO.
Unfortunately, Majestic can be somewhat complicated to learn and understand, but
it's worth spending a little time on it because it really is a usual system.

Google toolbar

You'll probably also want to install the Google toolbar, which you can find
Play with these tools.
I'm betting you'll love them.


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